Richard Höchenberger

Cognitive Neuroscientist

About Me

My main professional interests are in the fundamental and temporal aspects of multisensory perception. I am currently working on my PhD in the laboratory of Dr Kathrin Ohla at the German Institute of Human Nutrition, where my principal focus is on interaction between the chemical and non-chemical senses.

Aside from neuroscience, I am very much interested in progressive social movements; urban planning and city development and its social implications; security in general and IT security in particular; and different types of endurance sports.

Skills & Techniques


My ORCID is 0000-0002-0380-4798; my ResearcherID is I-8360-2015. My publications are also listed on my Google Scholar profile.


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Research Experience

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German Institute of Human Nutrition
– Psychophysiology of Food Perception –
Arthur-Scheunert-Allee 114–116
14558 Nuthetal

Phone: +49 33 200 88 2427

For encrypted email communication, you may use my PGP key with the fingerprint 54D7 E550 653C FD18 7F48 A87B 7F19 9F9F FAFD 87ED.

Social Responsibility

Pro Asyl I'm a supporter of Pro Asyl, an association dedicated to the preservation, defense, and enforcement of fundamental human rights of refugees in Germany and Europe.